Thursday, 18 June 2015



Gold Flake Paint (2014)

RealSoundsOK (2014)

BBC Introducing (2014)

BBC Radio Interview (2014)

Expansion of Presence Summer Rain Show (2014)

South Waves Radio Interview (2015)

Eclectro Casts Interview (2015)

Popping Candy Podcast (2015)

BBC Radio Interview (2016)

South Waves Radio Interview (2016)


Away From Here Album Review/Interview by Andrew aka Geeky Disco (2014)

Summer Rain EP Review by Andrulianblog (2014) 

Into the Night Sky Review by Andrulianblog (2014)

Summer Rain Feature/Short Review by breadhanded (2014)

Until The End Feature/Short Review by breadhanded (2015)

Until The End Review by Andrulianblog (2015)

These Days EP Review by Andrulianblog (2015)

Growing From The Concrete Review by Music Babbler (2016)

Growing From The Concrete Review by Andrulianblog (2016)

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